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QuantApp is powering simplicity...

We believe in the transparency and simplicity of investment services. We believe in diligence and robustness for investors and advisors.

Our mission is to empower investors, advisors and wealth managers to be great risk managers. Our goal is to do this by offering the best analytics, the most engaging communications and the most streamlined experience.

We serve a community that strives for excellence and searches for perfection. A community that demands simplicity, diligence and robustness.


from QuantApp with love...


Global Macro or equity sectors or... There is a theme for each one of us.


Optimise your risk profile and express your views.


QuantApp simulates, number crunches and analyses your portfolio like no other.


next generation financial services.

Investment Managers

Managers without in-house resources or technology to manage the quantitative facet of their investment process.

Wealth Managers

Advisors, private banks and wealth managers unable to compete with way in which "robo-advisors" are revolutionzing the industry in terms cost efficiency and user experience.

Research Providers

Content providers that still engage with clients through obsolete and arcane channels. Users now require engaging and interactive knowledge.

Our Story

started from the bottom...

  • 2011

    Our renaissance

    After what felt like a life time at global investment banks, we did it, with a few laptops we took the step of materialsing our vision...

  • 2012


    a few (thousand) lines of code later... we took to the Cloud... Very kindly, Microsoft accepted us to their Microsoft Bizpark Plus program. Thank you Bill!

  • 2013

    Bloomberg App

    powered by the Cloud we where strong enough to play with the big boys... Bloomberg invited us to join their newly launched Apps program...

  • 2014


    ClearMacro choose QuantApp as its technology infrastructure to delivery the coolest and most sophisticated Macro Research Service...

  • 2015


    with robo-advisors in the picture now we know the market is ready to rock... and we are ready to roll...

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